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Looking Forward with Gaia Eco

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   Gaia Eco-Products is a manufacturer of paper cups and straws located in Manaus, Brazil. We are completing our transition to a fully biodegradable line sourced and manufactured with sustainability as the driving factor. We are currently running clearance on products that do not meet our biodegradable standards. 

   Next, Gaia Eco Products is bringing manufacturing to the United States! Aiming for June 2023, Gaia will have a dedicated biodegradable double-wall paper cup facility in Lawrence, Kansas. Gaia will be able to meet market demands and be the only company running customized short-run programs for events or your company. 

   Please do not hesitate to ask questions or request customized and high-quantity pricing.

Collage of Gaia Facility

Gaia Eco's Product Lines Will Be. . . 




Contact Gaia Eco Products for High Quantity Pricing & Customized Options. 

Gaia Customer Service: (404)-210-8308
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